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Italy’s Trabocchi Restaurants

Our local coastline, known as Italy’s Trabocchi Coast, is quite unique because of the special fishing docks along its shores. Many of which have been transformed into elegant restaurants!

So just imagine this scenario. A beautiful day, warm and sunny. A romantic 40th anniversary dinner for two. That was the special gift some dear friends of ours, Massimo and Magdalena, gave us for our anniversary!  Continue reading Italy’s Trabocchi Restaurants

Italy is for Nature Lovers

It’s a known fact that although Italy occupies only 0.05% of the earth and has only 0.83% of the world’s population, it has 70% of humanity’s artistic and cultural heritage sites. With its 50 sites, in fact, it tops the UNESCO World Heritage list. Followed by China with 47 sites and Spain with 44.

But Italy’s natural beauty, other than its beaches, often gets overlooked. Even though Italy’s unique biological and climatic conditions make our peninsula one the richest European nations for biodiversity. Italy, in fact, has:  Continue reading Italy is for Nature Lovers

Take a Holiday, and Save Abruzzo’s Rare Bear! [Video]

All parts of the world, including Italy, have their share of endangered species. And Italy’s list is, in fact, growing. From snails and insects to the beautiful, noble, and critically endangered Sicilian Fir Tree. As well as the Aeolian Wall Lizard, found only on a few Italian islands. And one which hits a little closer to home for us: Italy’s Marsican Brown Bear, here in Abruzzo.  Continue reading Take a Holiday, and Save Abruzzo’s Rare Bear! [Video]