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Tradition, Tradition

Folks in our town often have an interesting mentality. Hint: sometimes antiquated, backward, impractical, and unrealistic. Which often comes as a surprise to us.

Because they are in many ways a practical and down-to-earth people. Which probably stems from Italy’s odd mix of old and new. An ancient land of timeless monuments, producing the Ferrari, the Lamborghini, and the world’s latest fashions. And while proud of these achievements, Italians love and tenaciously cling to their traditions.  Continue reading Tradition, Tradition

Chestnuts Bursting on an Open Fire

The fire didn’t heat better out of the fireplace. Though no one would ever convince the dear, stubborn, old man of that! Yet we fondly remember those simple evenings of reading by the fire as some of the most cozy and delightful evenings of our lives, even with the choking smoke and watery eyes!

They were simple days in a rural village. Mostly untouched by time, with little entertainment: no cinema or shopping mall, no bowling alley or spa. Papà didn’t even have a phone or TV, and it was before PCs and mobile phones were common.  Continue reading Chestnuts Bursting on an Open Fire

The Italian Passeggiata

The Italian passeggiata, or promenade, is a healthy activity, and most of us could use such a beneficial habit! Many today live cut off from others, closed in by busyness and privacy walls. But with this wonderful tradition, isolation is not a problem. Here in the village this evening promenade an easy-going, relaxed activity. A time to stroll along and learn the village news. And almost no one dresses up.  Continue reading The Italian Passeggiata