Ready for Autunno?


Crackly leaves underfoot. Whiffs of wood smoke wafting on the air. Pumpkins and apples. Chestnuts roasting. There’s a cozy feeling to Autumn, isn’t there? And these are just a few of the things you can expect to find in an Italian autumn. And maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to catch some grape harvesting or olive picking. Two special events of an Italian autumn! Learn more about olive harvest with my post Autumn in Italy

But what are some other things you might want to look for?

Well, we have plenty of food festivals all over the nation. (Italians will always jump at the chance to celebrate food!) But a lot of other homey, everyday things will make your stay special too. So keep a sharp eye out for these other Autumnal Delights too!

More delights of an Italian Autunno:
Castagne Chestnuts
Mele e pere Apples and pears
Zucche Pumpkins or squash
Noci Nuts
Cachi Persimmons
Rastrellamento delle foglie Leaf raking
Calcio Soccer or football
Vendemmia Grape harvest
Raccolto delle olive Olive harvest
Fare passeggiate Take walks
Accensione del cammino Lighting of the fireplace
Alberi colorati Colorful trees
Foglie in caduta Falling leaves
Aria fredda e frizante Cool crisp air
Ghiande Acorns
Spaventapasseri Scarecrows
Ombrelli Umbrellas
But are there any things you probably wouldn’t find in an Italian Autumn?

Yes indeed! You can keep your eyes peeled, but things like these are rare finds over here.

Scoiattoli Squirrels
Festa del Ringraziamento Thanksgiving Day
Cornucopie Cornucopias
Giri nel carrello Hayrides
Sidro di mele Apple cider
Which things would you like to do or find?

[Image ©SimplySheila]

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