Come Take a Trip with Us!


We’ve been traveling quite a bit this summer. And you’ll want to be sure to take a look at the beautiful national park we are now staying in! Our summer home, you see, is right in the midst of it! 

As I type this, the church bell has just tolled 10:15 AM. The bell tower, which we see from our bedroom window, not only looks, but sounds, close enough to reach out and touch! And it tolls loudly every 15 minutes. At first I thought, “I’ll never get to sleep with that racket!” But now, if I wake during the night, I try to stay away long enough to hear the time. And I rarely manage it!

This is Hubby’s hometown. And we stay in the home he was born in! It’s an ancient village. And it’s right here in the Cilento National Park! A beautiful park, in rugged wilderness near Salerno. And with such old-fashioned ways, that it’s like taking a giant step back in time. Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit, but it’s much better in person!!

Be sure to read more on this beautiful region of campania! But it would be even better to come over and visit it yourself!

[Image ©SimplySheila]

4 thoughts on “Come Take a Trip with Us!

  1. Sheila,
    This looks like an absolutely exquisite part of the world, although the lives of the people sound very tragic. My thoughts are that Jesus came for the poor, the weak, the humble, and that your visiting this beautiful, though suffering town, provides these people with a glimmer of hope and of love and of light that accompany a person in Christ. As Buechner says, they have lost the feeling of a happy dream, of hope. Your presence provides a glimmer of that heavenly hope.


    1. I love your thoughts here, Heather. That is exactly why we go. To bring a glimmer of love & hope. You put it so well. They have lost the feeling, not only of hope, but of a happy dream. Let’s pray that in some way, we may help restore that!

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