Abruzzo: Our Region of Italy


Largely an agricultural region, Abruzzo has some of Italy’s finest olive oils. And is also famous for its Montepulciano wine — one of the finest and most exported in the world! But did you know these interesting facts about our region?  

Abruzzo’s agricultural lifestyle keeps it off the beaten tourist path. But they have no idea what they’re missing! Many say Abruzzo, less populated and more unspoiled, surpasses Tuscany in beauty! Largely wild land and mountains, it’s known as Wild Abruzzo. We have two of the highest peaks of the Apennines (or Little Alps): the Gran Sasso, and Mount Majella. The latter of which we see from our garden! Both over 9,000 feet (2743 meters).

Abruzzo’s Adriatic coastline is known for its long beaches too.

Most of which have the blue flag (or cleanest) beaches rating!

It also has its own particular cuisine, unique to the area. Like these tasty dishes:
  • Arrosticini: grilled lamb kabobs.
  • Spaghetti alla Chitarra (guitar), cut with a special guitar-like instrument.
  • Fiadone: Easter breakfast pizzas.
  • Pizzelle: anise-flavored wafer cookies, made with a waffle iron-like tool.
  • Timballo: (speciality of Teramo) a large baked lasagna-like dish, filled with meat, vegetables, and/or rice, often served at Christmas & Easter.
  • Porchetta: a moist boneless pork roast, slow roasted with rosemary, garlic, and pepper.
  • Brodetto: (speciality of Chieti province) fish soup. Ventricina: a fatty, salame-type cold cut, with pepper, hot pepper, and fennel seeds.

Hungry yet? 😉

And Abruzzo has turned out some famous people as well.
  • Dean Martin and Perry Como—both proud of their Abruzzo origins.
  • And Gabriele Rossetti—political exile and poet.
  • And the famous poet Christina Rossetti! (Gabriele’s daughter).

We love this region. Well-known for its food and wine. Its landscapes, natural beauties, parks, and nature reserves. But also for its characteristic hillside areas covered with vineyards and olive groves. Like those right outside our door, as in our featured image.

Indeed, Abruzzo, pronounced A bruttso, is beautiful! But don’t just take our word for it. Enjoy a tour of the wonders of Abruzzo with the following video!

But we mostly love it because the Abruzzo people are among the most hospitable in all of Italy!

Come see for yourself! You’ll always find a warm welcome in Abruzzo!

[Image ©SimplySheila]

2 thoughts on “Abruzzo: Our Region of Italy

    1. Thank you Cynthia. And yes we are so blessed with our panorama–the view we see from our back windows & patio/garden. Each time we look at it, or sit outside, we drink it in, and it always fills our hearts with peace, joy, and thanksgiving! We love this hinterland–the people have become our people!


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